Parc animalier d’Introd

A park where you can to discover and closely observe the animals of Valle d'Aosta; perfect for kids!

Parc Animalier Introd

Maison des anciens remèdes

In Jovençan, this is a place where the memory of ancient knowledge and practices related to the use of medicinal plants in Valle d'Aosta is preserved. Between science and legend...


The Roman Aosta

18 kilometers from Ollomont, Aosta is a city rich in history with numerous archaeological sites that testify to this wealth: the Cryptoporticus forensic, the arch of Augustus, the Roman Theater, the funerary area, the Villa della Consolata, the Regional Archaeological Museum, the megalithic area of Saint-Martin-de-Corléans, the early Christian Church of San Lorenzo...
And after the historical visits do not miss the chance to visit the "boutique" of the Valle d'Aosta craft of the "Institut valdôtain de l'artisanat de tradition" in Piazza Chanouz.

Teatro Aosta

SkyWay Mont Blanc

An unmissable 360-degree trip over the roof of Europe.


Bard and its Fort

In addition to the modern Museum of the Alps, the increasingly diversified cultural experience there will astound you.

Photography by Fabrizio Leonarduzzi

Forte di Bard


Valle d'Aosta gives you the opportunity to travel in time and history through his castles: Savoia Castle (Gressoney-Saint-Jean), Gamba Castle (Châtillon), Issogne Castle (Issogne), Fénis Castle (Fénis), Verrès Castle (Verrès), Sarre Castle (Sarre), Castle Sarriod De La Tour (Saint-Pierre).

Astronomical Observatory of the Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta and Lignan Planetarium

Guided day and night tours in the Astronomical Observatory with observations of the Sun and the stars, projections at the planetarium, special events, astronomical games in a research and scientific culture center.

Osservatorio astronomico Saint-Barthélemy

Maison Bruil in Introd

A visit in the daily life of the past and the discovery of traditional food.


Alpine Safari

In the Gran Paradiso National Park, with specialized professional guides to discover the alpine flora and fauna.

Safari Alpino

Alp Trekking

Ollomont is right on the biggest trek in Europe that also includes Switzerland and France...


Rafting Republic

Rafting, Hydrospeed, Kayaking, Canyoning, Park adventure in Aymavilles; you can choose an adventure only half an hour or for the whole day... even under the rain!


Terme di Pré Saint Didier, QC Terme

When the mountain also means relaxation!



"Spunteranno i fiori in primavera, la luna in autunno, la brezza fresca d'estate, la neve in inverno.
Se non occupi la tua mente in inutili cose, ogni stagione è per te una buona stagione„